Thursday, December 1, 2011

by Allen Williams
Rating : 5 Stars

Deep in the walls of a witches' cottage lays an ancient magical kitchen. Dangling over that kitchen's cauldron, pinched between the fingers of two witches, is a toad. And the Toad has no idea how she got there, and no memory of even her name. All she knows is she doesn't think she was always a Toad, or that she's ever been here before. Determined to recover her memories she sets out on a journey to the oracle, and along the way picks up a rag-tag team of friends: an iron-handed imp, a carnivorous fairy, and a few friendly locals.

But the Kitchen won't make it easy. It is pitch black, infinite, and impossible to navigate, a living maze. Hiding in dark corners are beastly, starving things. Worse yet are the Witches themselves, who have sent a procession of horrific, deadly monsters on her trail. With some courage and wisdom, the Toad just might find herself yet-and with that knowledge, the power to defeat the mighty Witches.

Filled with forty stunning pencil illustrations from the author, the Witches' Kitchen is a rich, well-imagined fantasy setting unlike any other

I liked the spookiness of this book. It was like I was a child again, afraid of witches... wicked and ugly witches. This is the first time I have heard of a toad being the main protagonist which was one of a kind, since this book is not a fable at all. So, I was interested. At first I was interested with the title, then the cover. When I flipped the book, I saw images, graphics made by the author himself. And the story turned out to be fantastic! I was hooked! The characters were weird and the kitchen was vast, dark and dangerous. What can I ask for in an adventurous and scary plot? It reminded me of the classic anime of Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away.

I liked it a lot and i will be looking forward to read the second book. This book was simply amazing for me. I hope the author writes a second book soon.

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