Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Dragon's Eye by Kaza Kingsley
My rating:  7 of 5 stars

Enter Alypium, a hidden world within our own where our old knowledge of magic is kept, and strange and fantastical creatures abound. It is a beautiful and mystical place, but things are caving in. the king is hypnotized and his castle turned on its side. The very Substance that holds our planet together has gone awry . . . and whispers tell of evil plans to destroy everything. 
Twelve year old Erec Rex has been yanked out of the world as we know it and thrown unwillingly into danger here. As he learns how to get by in this strange place, he discovers some truths about himself . . . and must learn the power of trust and love in order to save his mother, and all of Alypium.
In this stunning tale packed with action, humor, a colorful cast of characters and a riveting plot, debut author Kaza Kingsley brings us into a land of danger and excitement. For Erec, it is a world that is eerily familiar and inevitably entwined with his future.

Absolutely amazing!

If i can give a rate of seven, I will give it to this book. It superseded my high expectations on Erec Rex. From start to finish I was starving for this book. Some say it's like HP but it was totally different. Kaza Kingsley hit the target of what I wanted to write. Fantastic! There was no boring moment. I was on the peak of my flu but I cannot put the book down.

Let me tell you why: SPOILER ALERT!

- I like Erec Rex. He was not dumb. He didn't rely on his forgotten magic not relied on acquired magic, mainly he was just wise, lucky and courageous. He may have some weaknesses but he learned from it eventually.
- The presence of Bethany complemented Erec Rex. She was clever and generous. Erec's presence brought out the best of her.
- I like Jack. He was so helpful and trusting. I hope he is on the second book too.
- I don't know if I liked or hated Balthazar. He may be liken to Professor Snape. So I guess I like him, too. Although along the way, I was like Erec Rex, thinking the worst of him. So the plot has something to be dubious about.
- About Kilroy (does the name ring a bell?) - he not smart but he is genuinely kind.
- King Piter reminds me of Lord of the rings. You will learn soon why.
- The dragon Aoquesth was funny and generous to the rightful owner. It was fun reading his part, though I regret to be very short.
- The mother, June O'Hara was also something else.
- All the villains were needed to make the story effective. I enjoyed hating them.

- So many hidden agendas,plots, and so many secrets to reveal. As a matter of fact I have so many questions at the end of the book because it left me hanging and I MUST get the next book!
- It was like all my favorite books combined in this book. Perfect. So many things going on, yet I was not confused because Kaza wrote it very creatively. It was not forced rather just like the the dragon's eye, it fit perfectly!
- Vivid imagination! Great place and the magic was not exaggerated and corrupted.
- Suprise element everywhere! So, will keep you asking who did it?
- A matter of trust ~ but will question your judgement too as a reader of whom to trust.
- Dangerous yet it will thrill your bones!

3. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!

I would recommend it to all who loved HP and its magical world.

Kaza Kingsley, I officially declare that I am now your fan. Hats down on you!
Now, excuse me and I need to get the other sequels. Ta!

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