Friday, March 4, 2011

Troll Mill by Katherine Langrish

My rating: 3 of 5 stars
Title: Troll Mill
Author: Katherine Langrish
Pages: 328
Series: Troll Series

With a piercing squeal – with an anguished wooden groan – with a roar of muffled waters – Troll Mill woke from its sleep.
Young Peer Ulfsson has found a home with his friend Hilde. Life seems peaceful at last. Then, returning from a hard day’s fishing and with a violent storm brewing, Peer watches horror-struck as his neighbour Kersten rushes to the shore – thrusting her young baby into his arms – and throws herself into the sea.
Struggling home with the baby, Peer passes Troll Mill, once owned by his wicked uncles – and sees the mill wheel turning! But it’s been derelict for years!
So…who or what is lurking in the shadows?

My thoughts on this book :

Well, this is the second book, but I read it anyway without reading the first one, Troll Fell. It was an easy-read book, although the setting was kinda dark for me. Troll Fell was a place I don't want to be in. Creepy, dark, and dangerous. At first half of the book, I was bored with the seal issue. The second half was pretty exciting though.

New creatures were formulated. Yes, lubbers, the Nis, Seal people and Granny Greenteeth. If I read the first book, maybe I will understand more how they look like, especially Granny Greenteeth, lubbers and the Nis. This was the first book I read about trolls, except the Three Billy Goats and Harry Potter, where story of trolls were introduced to me in my childhood. And it didn't disappoint my expectation of gloomy environment.

Troll Mill was a fair read. I gave it three stars because I just felt I want to get it over with so I can read another book. Not the feeling of excitement of reading it to the end. Plot wise, its good. But it lack something. The author failed to capture the moment of moving me to the edge of the seat.

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