Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Title: The Wizard’s First Rule
Author: Terry Goodkind
Series : Sword of Truth
Pages: 836 pages

The protagonist Richard Cypher, the grandson of the remaining wizard ~ whose name was forgotten, is the seeker. The wizard was the only one who can name a seeker but hiding his identity, he befriended Richard Cypher, guide and silently protect him until Richard’s father was murdered. Richard met a lady in the woods who, he didn’t know is the mother confessor Khalan. Khalan Amnell traveled from Midlands to Westland to look for the seeker who can help her save Midlands by defeating Darken Rahl, but first she needed to find the wizard to have him name a seeker. And that was where the story revolved.
Warning: This review contains spoiler!

My thoughts on this book :

This is the 1st book of the Sword of Truth series that was creatively written by Terry Goodkind. I was told by my colleague that this is a good series, as from the book created the TV series The Legend of the Seeker. So, I hunted the first book and took me two weeks to find it. This was an interesting read and the story line and plots were very good. But there was a part that I got bored, that was when Richard and Khalan were traveling to Midlands and the hint of their affection for each other.

Then I got surprised when Richard was captured by a Mord-Sith ~ this was the part that put me on the edge of the seat. I initially thought that the scene was kinda odd and that the story can go on without it but when I finished the episode with the Mord-Sith, I was pondering how clever the author was. It made me felt the pain, too. I was so livid and was in torment and there were times I wanted to throw my book but hell, no! I love my book! So I read on ~ and the story became very fast and furious! I was amazed with the monsters, dragons, characters and twist in the story.

I was so satisfied with the book; I tried to watch the TV series. Yuck! The actors were not near to how Terry Goodkind has described the characters, so no for the TV series!

Anyway, I recommend this Wizard's First Rule. Go and get it! Tell me what the rule is~ I seemed to forgot!