☃ About the Elf ☃

The Book Elf is Filipino. She loves reading young-adult fiction books and trying to write her own book as well. She loves all form of arts and can easily persuade in doing another craft, given that she starts to have an inkling of interest in it. She also loves photography, editing videos, playing online games, watching anime and watching movies. The Elf also love clutters, trinkets and different papers perhaps making her a scrapper but has not created any scraps yet.

The book Elf started to have this blog because of her friend's enthusiasm in having her own book reviews and blogging it. Though the Elf is not counting for followers like her friend, she enjoyed blogging all the same and making this page because she thought it was fun and enjoyable. Actually, took her three days to fix the pages!

The book Elf will try to re-read all her books because she cannot give out fair comments or reviews if she has not just recently read the books. She thought she cannot just rely on her failing memory after all the Elf is not getting any younger.


The Elf just wanted easy reading. YA is equally fun and interesting to read as the adult ones. Yet the Elf has a keen liking to good humor and comic relief that the Elf usually find in YA books. We can conclude that the Elf is young at heart. And she wants to stay that way even her features can no longer deny her age of 106! (well, that's a little bit of exaggeration..lol). The Elf's favorite books are the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling. She just purchased her collection last year and started reading it last September 2010. Sorry, late bloomer! The Elf was a lost reader..but since she found the interest in reading again, she will read a lot. All her thoughts and comments are hers alone and the Elf may be blunt at times when she dislikes a book, but hey, everyone is entitled to her own opinion ~~ even the Elf!

So, thanks for dropping by and reading this message from the Book Elf.

♥ Special thanks to 
The Book Fancier for inspiring me to create this blog
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 to  Cora's Creations for her Digi-Scraps