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The Talent Thief by Alex Williams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Title: The Talent Thief
Author: Alex Williams
Pages:  328
Series:  Stand alone

Wealthy orphans Adam and Cressida Bloom couldn't be less alike. Adam can't seem to help being exceedingly ordinary whereas Cressida, his glamorous sister, has a magnificent talent - when she sings, even the birds stop to listen. Then Cressida is invited to perform at Fortescue's festival of young talents and Adam tags along. But, once the children arrive at the festival, in a mountain-top hotel, their terrific talents begin to mysteriously disappear. A piano virtuoso suddenly forgets how to play, a maths genius finds she can no longer multiply. There's a sinister shadow that only Adam ever sees, a strange glow emanating from behind closed doors...With the help of an erratic ex-racing driver, dashing Amy Swift, Adam and Cressida rip-roar off through the mountains in Amy's shiny racing car, the Silver Swift. They are in perilous pursuit of the dastardly talent thief! But, from a hair-raisingly close shave with an avalanche to crash landing a plane on a runway the size of a table, Adam never gives up. Perhaps he isn't as ordinary as he first thought!

My thoughts on this book :

This book was a fast easy-read as the Silver Swift (racing car) of Amy Swift. A story about talents and the extraordinary talent thief that was bound to make a difference on the lives of Adam and Cressida Bloom; and Amy Swift and Saul Shafer.

I liked this book. While reading it, I felt I was reading the Mysterious Benedict Society but the on a totally wrong side of it. Because the main character here was absolutely plain, without any talent at all. It was fascinating how Adam Bloom displayed such heroism and great character even though he is not blessed with talent and that how he loved his sister and will do anything for her. He also was selfless. Wow! If I have a brother like Adam, I will cherish him and will not think he is any way annoying.

I recommend this book to children as it has so many great values. I also like the creativeness of the author on his thief. Very different. The character of the villain here was hateful but I like how it fit the evilness of his plan.

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