Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Monsters of Otherness by Kaza Kingsley

My rating: 7 of 5 stars

Trouble is brewing in quiet, pleasant Alypium, and only Erec Rex can make it better. All of the baby dragons have mysteriously disappeared, and King Piter has lost the trust of his people. Worse, evil kids will become the new rulers unless Erec agrees to return to Alypium and challenge them. But if Erec become king, the power of the royal scepter could destroy him completely.
As Erec performs the deadly quests to be king, he discovers that the right path brings many risks and few rewards. When he must delve into the very Substance that holds our world together, he has to summon all of his strength just to stay alive. Until Aoquesth, the dragon, gives him a startling gift. 

The adventure continues in Kaza Kingsley's riveting sequel to the bestselling The Dragon's Eye. Follow Erec as he faces delicious villains, a harrowing battle, a secret admirer, missing memory shops, angry mobs, reincarnated ancestors, and ultimate sacrifice. The story is a wild ride of danger and thrills, where we, along with Erec, find out who the real monsters are. 


This book is simply amazing. I really enjoyed this book to the fullest. All the elements I need in a good read is in this series. I am an MMORPG player and I can relate to the quests. No boring moments. Every detail and events were up to my expectations. No, it is not predictable. That's what so great about this book... I can't foretell the turn of events. However in the end you'll know that Erec Rex will win eventually but you just don't know how.

The secrets are still secrets although I have a good guess on who Erec Rex really was. It just thrills me to the bones. OMG, I need to get the third book quickly. Kaza, You are a wonderful author and I thank you for creating the realms of Erec Rex. I just wonder...uummm...where to find the Vulcan Store? (tee-hee).

I like how Erec Rex do not rely entirely on magic. I liked how he was vulnerable to the scepter. I liked how he doubts his mother, the Seer, and the King. He was after all, a kid, even though destined to be a King, he had some weak moments. I liked how the sidekick changed this time and it was really a WOW! Jam was something and I wish to have a butler who has a gift to serve.

I like the dragon quests. I am so happy with this series. The characters were perfect for the roles. I gave it a seven out of five!

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